Fight for Survival Book Five by Angela White

Fight for Survival Book Five

By Angela White

  • Release Date: 2015-03-27
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Score: 4.5
From 76 Ratings
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A Post Apocalyptic Fight for Survival
Angela has moved Safe Haven to the post apocalyptic Mountains of Georgia to make their stand. She has put a plan in motion that will free them all or get them all killed. For her, everything since the apocalypse has come down to this moment. It’s what she’s been training for, what her men have tried to prepare her for, but only fate knows if it will be enough.
Kendle isn’t adjusting well to being among her own kind. She doesn’t like any of them. They’re not serious enough in her opinion, not hard enough to deserve an angel like Marc, who she is drawn to against her will. She wants to spill blood, but as far as Safe Haven is concerned, she couldn’t care less if they all live or die. Their fight for survival isn’t hers.
The Eagles are tired of the drama. They want things back the way they were and after this fight for survival, they will make sure it happens. Angela is who they will support if she saves them all, even against Marc. The camp members feel the same. They will follow whoever gives them freedom.
The Government is counting on the chaos. News of the angels gathering has reached the bunker and those in charge are confident that they can sweep in and grab the paranormal people while everyone is distracted. They will kill the rest. There are too many descendants, too many future dangers. If the government doesn’t do something now, they aren’t likely to get such a good chance again. Having all that magic in one place is a mistake that the government plans to take advantage of. They’ve sent Major John Donner to handle the situation.
Major Donner has studied the descendants and their inner angels his entire military career. He spends months at a time underground with them in the labs. He knows them better than anyone on the government’s payroll. He’s the guy they call to recapture paranormal escapees or to hunt down new angels. His family has served in this manner for a century. His name is whispered with loathing among descendants and soldiers alike. He is brilliant, he is ruthless, and the post apocalyptic government has turned him loose.

Need to Know Information
Title: Fight for Survival
Length: 811 pages
Author: ©Angela White
Publisher: C9 Publications
ISBN#: 978-1-9459-2707-2
Next in series: Carved in Stone (Book 6) Life After War
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  • Fight for Survival

    By kaylynnzara
    You have Kenn in two places at once. After Adrian’s been shot by Mark. You have Kenn down in the tunnel with him. But you also have him at the camp with Samantha and Cynthia when the ash starts falling from Yellowstone.
  • New editor

    By Nicolette123zxy2012
    I absolutely love this series of books and look forward to when the next edition is released. However, misspelled words and misused names run wild throughout this series. There are times when Angela is typed as Angel, etc.
  • LAW Series by Angela White

    By Mel3116
    The Life After War series really has been a fascinating read. The plot line is truly amazing and the author has managed to constantly throw in so many twists and turns that you are never able to guess where things are going next. You do have to make it past the missing words, spelling and grammar issues, but it's well worth it! Angela, great book - anxiously waiting on Book 8 and I'm praying you do get a movie or TV series from the screen play. (With all due respect to a great writer, you do need someone with a serious red pen to read through forwards & backwards to catch errors.)
  • LAW series

    By 1/1000
    Excellent story. I have two months wait for number eight. You are a great story teller with an excellent imagination. I will be reading your other books while I await eight. I am sure I will be drawn in immediately as with this series. Thank you for the free books, but you had me on the first. Again thank you for your time and talent, keep writing!
  • The price we pay by Angela White

    By Mag881
    All I can say is INCREDIBLE!!! I hope the screenplay she's working on is based on this series. Wow.
  • Gripping, Familiar, and Exciting

    By Big Dad'o Rob
    Angela White is a wonderful storyteller. Her use of magic and social structures gives her stories hope where there is none. I haven't read a series in twenty years and when I found, Life After War, I absolutely could not put it down. I have ripped through all seven books in two weeks and am totally drained. "Come on Angela, it's time for you to hit me with number 8 and fill me up", the demon inside is raving!
  • Angela Should charge more for her books

    By Real asf
    Another excellent work!